Quiz 2 Spelling


Quiz Name: Quiz 2 (Spelling)

Current Date: July 20, 2018

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1. To be elected ________, candidates must have a solid background in law enforcement.
2. It is my ________ that municipal employees handle their jobs with great professionalism.
3. The first time Wendy drove her new car into town, all of her friends were ________.
4. I just don’t know what I would do in her ________.
5. It was a ________ day for the annual picnic.
6. If you stay in the water too long, your fingertips will ________.
7. Her ________ into mathematical concepts was evident when she correctly analyzed a challenging question.
8. The opening night performance was so ________ that the cast was given many extra curtain calls.
9. Learning the words to all of Robert Frost’s poetry has become an ________ for Jonathan.
10. The caverns were so damp that my skin felt ________.
11. Nora was awestruck by the ________ mountain range in the national park.
12. The sounding alarm signaled a ________ in security.
13. Driving on icy roads can place you in ________.
14. My sister is going to be on the cover of Seventeen ________.
15. The newly-fallen snow ________ transformed the landscape.
16. From inside the box came a strange ________ sound.
17. For some reason, I ________ a change in her attitude.
18. There will be an immediate ________ into the cause of the accident.
19. The baby’s soft skin was ________ to the harsh winter wind.
20. The agents were searching for ________ cargo on the airplane.


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